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Top benefits of mobile banking

December 04, 2023 | 3 min read

In this article

  • Banking on the go: it’s like having a bank in your pocket
  • The top benefits of mobile banking: Convenience, saves you time, more efficient and makes finances a bit more fun!
  • Master your money moves: Learn how to deposit checks using your phone amongst tons of other features with our mobile banking app.

A mobile banking app makes life easier. Desert Financial’s app is where you can view your balances and transactions, transfer funds, deposit a check, pay bills, manage your money, apply for a loan and do so much more using its cool features.

Credit unions love it when their members stop by the branch! But they also encourage members to use the mobile app because it helps make banking and life easier. If you prefer to take care of business from your home or while on-the-go, skip the visit and conveniently use the mobile banking app without stepping foot in a branch.

5 mobile banking benefits

App features and capabilities can help you easily manage your money and complete financial tasks in the palm of your hand.

  1. Convenience:  Stay on top of your finances where you want and when you feel like it, eliminating that extra driving time and errand from your life. Mobile banking makes life easier, so you can transfer funds when the kiddo’s napping or quickly check your balance with one simple tap.
  2. Saves Time:  View account  activity on the treadmill or even apply for a loan as dinner cooks. With the mobile app, you can sneak in your banking and cross two things off your to-do list at once. Multitasking can improve your life productivity, just make sure to never bank and drive.
  3. Efficiency:  Streamline paying your bills with the app’s automatic bill pay tool. After you set it up, you can forget about making late payments. Another perk is that you can request e-statements and digitize your banking even more, so you don’t have to bother with the clutter of printed statements that arrive in your mailbox.
  4. Saves Money:  The app makes tracking your finances easier and perhaps even — fun? OK, maybe not fun like a vacation at the beach, but it can help you learn to find satisfaction in being on top of your money situation. As you manage your money better, you may start to enjoy spending less and saving more.
  5. Healthy Money Mindset:  A scrolling ritual is that routine time during your lunch break or before you go to bed when you and your phone can spend some real quality time together. In between scrolls on your favorite apps, check in on your budget and activity. This ritual can help you maintain a healthy money mindset.

Desert Financial mobile banking app

Our app offers the following features and we’re always adding new capabilities to make banking, and life in general, easier — earning our app a high rating! Download our app today on Google Play or the App store.

Mobile Banking App Features

Master Your Money Moves

  1. View our checking account balance with one tap
  2. View all account balances and activity
  3. Transfer funds from one account to another
  4. Deposit a check
  5. Automate and pay your bills
  6. Manage your budget and savings goals
  7. Apply for a new checking or savings account
  8. Apply for a home loan, home refi or home equity loan
  9. Apply for an auto or RV loan
  10. Apply for a personal loan or line of credit
  11. Check your rewards level
  12. Set travel notifications so transactions aren't mistakenly marked as fraud
  13. Request e-Statements instead of paper statements
  14. Order or cancel checks
  15. Receive and send messages with Desert Financial
  16. Find your account and routing numbers

Turning your phone into a 24/7 mobile bank

The smart money manager, the busy parent, the workaholic, the multitasker, the high achiever, the tech enthusiast and even the introvert can all benefit from using a mobile banking app. It makes completing financial tasks like depositing a check, ordering a new credit card or checks, or applying for a new savings account easy and convenient.

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