Help kids avoid the “Summer Slide”
Donate to buy summer reading books through our Online Book Drive

Every year, students can lose reading and other academic skills during their summer break—a loss that educators often refer to as the Summer Slide. Studies show that this loss can represent up to three months of reading skills for students from lower-income families.

To help students avoid the Summer Slide, we’re teaming up with the Osborn School District to raise funds for summer reading books. This district serves children in six different schools (Kindergarten-8th grade) in the central Phoenix area. One of those schools—Encanto School (at 14th Avenue and Osborn) —is also the home of Michelle Doherty, the 2017 Arizona Teacher of the Year.

Michelle has been teaching at Encanto throughout her entire 23-year career and currently teaches first grade. Michelle said that kids are missing out when they aren’t exposed to books while they are young. “I see how powerful literacy is at such an early age, and that’s why I’m so passionate about it,” she said.

She encourages parents to read to their children and model reading at home. “Having the kids see their parents as readers makes them want to read,” Michelle said.

You can help send kids home with books to read and share this summer! Visit the Osborn Educational Foundation and make a donation toward books at the bottom of the page. With special discounts for teachers, the district can purchase one book for every $1 donated. A $10 donation will buy 10 books! Please donate today.

Learn more about Michelle and her passion for early literacy!