Meet the 2018 Paid4 Sweepstakes Winners

Enter Desert Financial’s 2019 Paid4 Sweepstakes and you could be one of four lucky winners to take home $25,000 cash to pay off your auto loan.1 Just imagine what you could do with the extra money you’ll save on car payments. You could take a family vacation, fatten up your retirement fund or just put away some cash for a rainy day.

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Meet Last Year’s Winners

The 2018 Paid4 Sweepstakes winners really took advantage of the savings on their monthly car payments by treating themselves or their families. Check out how our “Paid Four” used their winnings:

Rose, one of our Paid4 winners!

Rose moved in with a roommate because she was living on a fixed income and needed help affording local housing. After she won our Paid4 Sweepstakes, Rose was able to pay off her auto loan and have some extra money to gain more independence! When we last spoke with Rose, she was working toward being able to move out on her own.

Stephanie, one of our Paid4 winners!

Stephanie was excited to learn that she would be able to pay off her car loan and still have some money left over. That gave Stephanie the extra cash that she needed to take her son to Disneyland for the first time!

Josie, one of our Paid4 winners!

Josie wasn’t a Desert Financial member, so she was shocked when she received the call about her $25,000 prize. Josie used part of her winnings to pay off her car loan and saved the rest to put toward her upcoming wedding in 2020!

Amy, one of our Paid4 winners!

Amy and her husband are raising three adorable boys — which means a lot of family fun, but also a lot of work and household expenses to cover. After Amy won $25,000 to help pay off her auto loan, the happy couple was able to have more cash on hand to do activities with their family!

You could be the next Valley resident to benefit from winning up to $25,000 toward your auto loan! And don’t worry, even if your car loan isn’t with Desert Financial, you’re still eligible to win this sweepstakes.

It only takes a minute to enter. Just click the button at the top of this page, fill out and submit our quick entry form and start dreaming about what you’d do with the extra funds if you didn’t have to pay for your car loan anymore!

1See official sweepstakes rules for details.

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