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Supporting schools, teachers, and students has always been — and always will be — an essential part of giving back to our community. And it doesn't stop there. Every year, we continue to step up our efforts: we raise more awareness, gather more funds, and give more back.

Granting wishes for teachers


Three teachers each received $5,000 to benefit their students.

This year, we joined in supporting the Fiesta Bowl Charities Wishes for Teachers Program, which allows teachers to submit an application explaining how they would use a $5,000 grant to better their classrooms and their students’ education. Once the submission period ends, 200 of the wishes are randomly selected and fulfilled. We were happy to partake in this program by donating $15,000 to grant the wishes of three teachers. Two of the instructors will be using the funds to get new technology in their classrooms, and our other wishful thinker will be creating a leadership camp for her students to attend, where her students will be introduced to mentors in different professional industries.


Social Teacher Appreciation Giveaway


We rewarded five amazing teachers in our community!

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, we recognized the hard work that the educators in our community do. To remind teachers that their students appreciate their efforts, we asked our Facebook followers to nominate a special teacher and explain why that instructor is their favorite. Each day, we selected one of the nominated teachers and gave them a $250 gift card in recognition of their hard work!


Scholarships awards


Ten deserving high school seniors were awarded college scholarships.

The Desert Financial Foundation awarded $35,000 in scholarships to 10 exceptional students this year, each of whom are seriously committed to helping our community! To be considered for these scholarships, each high school senior must have given back to our community by spending numerous hours volunteering; many of them mentioned how volunteering helps them to see the positive impact they can make. We are proud to help support these students as they pursue their higher education!


Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

You nominated your favorite educators, and some of them received a welcome surprise!

Desert Financial was founded as a credit union for teachers, and our commitment to local educators remains strong. In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 5th-11th), we selected one school subject per day and asked local students and parents to nominate their favorite teachers in that field on our Facebook page. From your suggestions, a total of 35 teachers were randomly selected to receive a $50 gift card! Of course, all of the Valley’s hardworking instructors are winners in our eyes! Thank you for all that you do for our next generation.


Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness: Giving Back to Valley Teachers

One Valley teacher received the education she needed to give more back.

Stacey J., a 6th-grade teacher in the Liberty School District in Buckeye, wanted to attend an education conference in San Antonio that would provide her with the tools and resources she needs to help students living in poverty. Unfortunately, her school didn’t have the budget to pay for Stacey’s trip. In a Random Act of Kindness, Desert Financial gave Stacey $1,000 to cover the cost of the conference and her travel expenses. With the information she received in San Antonio, this hardworking Valley educator will be able to engage with and empower students from lower-income families. We’re sure that Stacey will be at the top of her class!


Arizona Educational Foundation


Desert Financial awards $25,000 Platinum Sponsorship to Arizona Educational Foundation.

The Arizona Educational Foundation fosters excellence in education by delivering statewide programs that strengthen the teaching profession, promote the design of high quality curricula, stimulate high student achievement, cultivate partnerships with schools and businesses, and celebrate the successes in K-12 public education in Arizona. Programs provided include the Teacher of the Year, the Arizona Spelling Bee, A+ School of Excellence, Principal’s Leadership Academy, and many others.

Desert Financial is proud to further the work of the Arizona Educational Foundation to support excellence in public education through the sponsorship.