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Accounting Software Integration

Link your accounting software with online banking. Manage your finances quickly, conveniently. <link linktype="external" url="https://epal.desertschools.org/Enrollment/PersonalBusinessEntry.aspx " anchor="" target="" />


Quickly link your accounting software to your online banking account.

Integrating accounting software—such as Quicken—with your Desert Financial accounts is easy to do. All you need is our routing number, your account number and a few instructions. Then when you sit down to balance your checkbook, transfer funds or check on a deposit, all the information you need is right there. Desert Financial online banking works with a variety of Quicken and QuickBooks versions for both Mac and Windows.

If you are experiencing issues with Quicken or QuickBooks—such as you are receiving error codes or you are unable to download transactions—we recommend that you deactivate and reactivate your accounts. This step typically resolves most issues when attempting to synchronize your accounts. It will also be helpful to have your online banking open as a cross-reference while you perform this step.

Please find the correct version of deactivation and reactivation instructions for your account below:

If you are experiencing duplicate accounts and/or transactions after reactivation, please follow the steps in the help guides below to solve this issue.