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A joyful customer effortlessly manages her finances using Desert Financial overdraft services, smiling while checking her phone for account updates.

Explore Overdraft Services

Life happens! When unexpected overdrafts occur, our Overdraft Services can help.


What Overdraft Services are and how they work

An overdraft occurs when the credit union pays an item presented for payment against your account even when funds are not available. We offer three options to help ensure that important expenses clear your account with our Overdraft Services.

Overdraft Services: quick comparison chart

We offer Overdraft Protection and two Overdraft Coverage options that allow items to be paid from your account if funds are not available.


Overdraft Protection

Standard Overdraft Coverage

Debit Card Overdraft Coverage

Debit transactions covered


ATM withdrawals covered


On-us checks cashed at our teller windows

Checks and ACH transactions covered

Automatic bill payments covered


$0 to transfer. Interest on your line of credit.$30 per paid transaction.1 Max four ($120) per day.$30 per paid transaction.1 Max four ($120) per day.


1Per paid transaction means each time Desert Financial pays a transaction for you where the amount exceeds your available balance.

Choose your Overdraft Services

Overdraft Protection

Link another Desert Financial account and/or a line of credit to your checking account to cover transactions.

Enjoy the security of this on its own or combine it with Standard Overdraft Coverage or Debit Card Overdraft Coverage.

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Standard Overdraft Coverage

This is applied to your account automatically after 30 days of being open unless you opt out.

Enjoy the security of this on its own or combine it with Overdraft Protection.

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Debit Card Overdraft Coverage

Optional service that covers everything Standard Overdraft Coverage does, plus ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions.

Enjoy the security of this on its own or combine it with Overdraft Protection.

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Opting out of Overdraft Coverage

You may choose to opt out of Overdraft Coverage any time through Online Banking, calling (602) 433-7000 or visiting a branch. Without Overdraft Coverage, transactions presented for payment against an account with an insufficient available balance will be returned as unpaid to the payee or declined at the point of purchase, unless you have Overdraft Protection available to cover the item(s). You will be responsible for any fee the payee may charge.

What else do I need to know?

Good account management is the best way to avoid overdrawing your account and being charged overdraft fees. Download our mobile app to access your account anytime, anywhere. 

You can download our brochure to learn more.

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