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Protect Your Account with Check and ACH Positive Pay

Help your business reduce potential fraud when you add Positive Pay to your business checking account. This transaction monitoring system is used for issued checks and Account Clearing House (ACH) activity.

Check Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay can reduce fraud by validating the dollar amount and the serial number on the checks issued by your business.

How Check Positive Pay works:

  • Your business sends Desert Financial an electronic list of your issued checks.
  • Desert Financial matches the electronic list provided against the issued checks presented for payment.
  • Receive notification of exceptions by email or text.

Check Positive Pay How-To Videos

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay allows your business to return unauthorized ACH transactions that are outside parameters preselected by your business.

How ACH Positive Pay works:

  • Any ACH transaction that does not meet specific criteria will be sent to the business as an exception by email or text.
  • You can add processing parameters for all ACH Credits and ACH Debits.
  • After the business reviews ACH transactions, they can be returned if deemed unauthorized or fraudulent.

ACH Positive Pay How-To Videos

Positive Pay Benefits

Link Positive Pay to your Desert Financial business account for an added level of fraud detection. Proactively monitor your account from potential fraud with the peace of mind that your issued checks and ACH activity have been authorized. With Positive Pay, you have the power to reduce fraudulent activity before it posts to your account.

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