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Protect your business

Help mitigate fraud when you add Positive Pay to your business checking account.

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Fight ACH and check fraud

Check Positive Pay
This feature validates the dollar amounts and serial numbers on your business’s issued checks and alerts you of any exceptions.
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ACH Positive Pay
Return unauthorized Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions that are outside parameters preselected by your business.

Check Positive Pay: How it works.

Your business sends Desert Financial an electronic list of your issued checks.
Desert Financial matches the electronic list provided against the issued checks presented for payment.
You’ll be notified of exceptions by email or text.

How to use Check Positive Pay


Positive Pay - How to use Check Positive Pay - Youtube VIdeo

ACH Positive Pay: How it works.

You can add processing parameters for all ACH credit and debit transactions.
Any ACH transaction that does not meet your criteria will be sent to your business as an actionable alert by email or text.
After your business reviews ACH transactions, they can be returned if deemed unauthorized or fraudulent.

How to use ACH Positive Pay


Positive Pay - How to use ACH Positive Pay - Youtube VIdeo

Positive Pay FAQs

How does Positive Pay work?

Your business uploads a file containing issued check data into the Positive Pay system. Checks presented for payment against your account are compared to those issued by the business. Any check not on the issued check list (and potentially fraudulent) is sent to you as an exception for examination. The business logs in to the Positive Pay system, reviews the exception item and makes a "pay" or "return" decision for each item.

You also have the option to set up ACH authorization rules or filter blocks for fraud prevention. Depending on your needs, you can choose to block specific ACH transactions or authorize only specific vendors to access your account.

What information is needed in the issued check file?

The issued check file contains the check number, issue date, amount and payee.

What if a check is written after a file has been submitted?

If a check is written after a file has been submitted, you can either send a new updated file or submit the check(s) using the Add New Issued Check option. This option will allow you to enter a single check or a series of checks without having to create and upload a new file.

Can multiple users access Positive Pay?

Yes. Your business will designate an administrator of the Positive Pay service. The administrator can add additional authorized users with specific user permissions with access by account and by function.

Are there fees associated with Positive Pay?

There is a fee of $30 per month for the Positive Pay service.

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