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Three construction workers surrounding a tablet and celebrating how MyMoney@Work benefits their company and employees.

Cash + perks? That works!

Your business and your employees get banking benefits with MyMoney@Work.

Join MyMoney@Work!
A man with glasses smiles while using the Desert Financial website on a tablet, discovering the benefits of MyMoney@Work for his company and employees, enjoying the positive impact on financial well-being.

How you benefit

When your company joins the MyMoney@Work program, your business will earn a $200 cash bonus for each of your employees who joins Desert Financial and meets the program requirements.¹ You’ll also get free Business Checking and access to top-notch banking perks.

Facing the camera, a cohesive team of four employees stands diagonally in the office, projecting confidence and unity.

How your team benefits

Once you join the program, all your eligible employees can earn $200 of their own and get Free Checking, financial wellness education and much more when they become a new member and meet the bonus requirements!¹

What your business gets

$200 cash bonus for each employee who joins Desert Financial.1 Plus:

  • Free Business Checking and Business Checking Plus2
    Monthly service fees are waived — a $96-$144 annual value!
  • Free Check Scanner2 (conditions apply)
    Easily and efficiently deposit checks remotely.
  • $250 merchant processing credit2
    Award-winning payment solutions for your business.
  • Access to financial wellness education
    We provide free on-site financial workshops for your employees.


What your employees get

$200 cash bonus for joining Desert Financial,1 all our member benefits, access to convenient online and mobile banking, plus these extras:

  • Free Checking
    No minimum balance. No monthly fees. No hassles.
  • Free rewards program
    Including the potential for an annual Member Giveback Bonus.
  • Get up to $5,000 closing cost credit on a mortgage3
    Save more when you get a mortgage.
  • Free financial advisor consultation
    Personalize your investments with professional guidance.
  • $100 off a trust package or $50 off a will
    Help protect your assets for the future.
  • Up to $500 cash back4 with an auto refi
    Low rates and a 90-day break from payments.5

Keep working, keep benefiting

Employers and employees get other benefits, including access to the First-Time Homebuyer Program and rewards credit cards!

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Program Eligibility: The MyMoney@Work program is open only to employees of businesses that sign up for the program. A referral is considered valid if it meets the Account Opening Criteria and the Cash Bonus Criteria below. Employee must enter their email address at to open an account online or must disclose the intended use of this program when opening an account in-person or over the phone with a representative.


Account Opening Criteria: Primary account holder must be currently employed at the referring business and meet Desert Financial’s membership eligibility and credit qualification requirements, including opening a Membership Savings account with a minimum balance of $25. Checking is free; however, fees for overdraft or additional services may apply. See Fee Schedule. For complete account terms and conditions, refer to the published Statements of Terms, Conditions and Disclosures.


Cash Bonus Criteria: To receive the cash bonus, the employee’s new checking account must meet the following criteria within the first 90 days: (1) Have a minimum of 30 posted transactions; (2) Establish direct deposit; and (3) Must be open and cannot be delinquent (more than 30 days) at time of bonus payment. Bonus will be deposited into the qualifying employee’s checking account and the referring business’s account within 10 business days in the month following the end of the first 90-day period if qualifications are met. Bonus amounts are subject to all applicable taxes and the responsibility of the recipient. Bonus cannot be combined with any other account opening offer. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.


See the MyMoney@Work Terms and Conditions for restrictions and complete details. *For additional details regarding the $250 Elavon Credit, refer to paragraph 7(3).


The Real Estate Broker Program ("Desert Financial Home Plus") will match you with a participating real estate broker (“Participating Broker”) who will assist in the homebuying experience and will provide the applicable credit toward closing costs. Participating Broker shall provide a credit of 25% of the buyer’s agent commission toward the closing costs, up to a maximum of seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500) to be provided regardless of the lender utilized, and a credit of 25% toward the listing agent commission expense, up to a maximum of seven thousand five hundred dollars  ($7,500), if the Participating Broker lists an applicable property with a real estate agent from the list of preferred providers. The Participating Broker will confirm each applicable credit is applied by the title company. These credits are applied as a discount from the commission payable to the broker. Use of a Participating Broker is completely voluntary and members financing the purchase of a home with Desert Financial Credit Union (“Desert Financial”) are under no obligation to participate in this Program. Desert Financial does not receive any benefit, monetary or otherwise, from the Participating Broker under this program. Participating brokers are non-affiliated third parties of Desert Financial, and Desert Financial makes no warranties or representations about the services provided by participating brokers.


Cashback offer is only available for the refinancing of non-Desert Financial auto loans with a minimum refinanced amount of $10,000. Amount of cash back is calculated based on 1% of the total loan amount financed, not including amounts financed for purchased ancillary products such as Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP). Maximum cashback amount is $500. Cash back will be deposited into the primary borrower’s Desert Financial Membership Savings account within one business day of the loan funding. Cashback amounts are subject to all applicable taxes and are the responsibility of the recipient. Offer subject to change.


90 Days to First Payment option applies to eligible auto refinance and new or used auto loan purchases. This offer does not apply to the refinancing of an existing Desert Financial auto loan. Eligibility requirements: Maximum loan term of 75 months and borrower must have a minimum credit score of 670; loans with multiple borrowers require only one borrower to meet the minimum credit score requirement. First payment will be due no later than 90 days from the loan closing date; finance charges will accrue on unpaid principal while payment is deferred. Offer subject to change.

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