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Member Giveback Bonus

Get rewarded for building a strong relationship with us.

2024 Member Giveback Bonus

$20 million – our biggest bonus yet!


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What is Member Giveback Bonus?

Member Giveback Bonus is an annual cashback reward for members who do more with us.1 It’s one of the benefits of Relationship Rewards, a free program you’re automatically enrolled in when you join Desert Financial. You earn points for doing various banking activities with us – and every point can help you level up!

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How it works

Points are calculated on the first calendar day of each month and are based on activity during the previous calendar month. 
Members who have enough points to reach the Rewards or Rewards+ level (2-3 points) for six months (not necessarily consecutive) in the previous calendar year are eligible for a Member Giveback Bonus.
The annual Member Giveback Bonus reward is paid out to eligible members in January or February of each year.

We’ve given back $90 million over the past 7 years!

FAQs about the Member Giveback Bonus

Are joint accounts eligible for the bonus?

Joint account holders are not eligible to receive a Member Giveback Bonus. When an account has joint owners, only the primary account owner is eligible to receive the bonus in their savings account.  

When will I receive my bonus?

Member Giveback Bonus funds are automatically deposited into every eligible member’s Membership Savings account in January or February of each year. In 2023, members who were eligible for the bonus received their cashback reward no later than February 1. You can see your Membership Savings account at any time by logging in to Online Banking. 

Does everyone receive the same bonus amount?

No. Your bonus amount is based on your relationship with us. To show you how this works, below are a few examples of members who received a past Member Giveback Bonus and the amounts that they received: 

Isabella - Received a $53 bonus 

$11,000 deposit balance | 725 debit card transactions (~60 per month) 

Isaac - Received a $200 bonus  

$15,000 deposit balance | 2 auto loans | 925 debit card transactions (~77 per month) 

Tamika - Received a $400 bonus 

$1,800 deposit balance | 455 debit card transactions (~38 per month)  | Auto loan | Home Equity Line of Credit | Mortgage loan 

How do I increase my bonus?

To potentially increase the amount of cash you get back, do more of your banking with Desert Financial. For example: 

  • Use your Desert Financial debit card more frequently.
  • Refinance your existing loans at other financial institutions with Desert Financial.
  • Increase your deposit balances at Desert Financial.  

Looking for more ways to maximize your relationship with Desert Financial? Learn more about our Relationship Rewards program.  

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For further information regarding the Relationship Rewards program and eligibility of the Member Giveback Bonus, please see the Relationship Rewards Disclosure – Supplement to the Statements of Terms, Conditions and Disclosures.

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