4 Personal Finance Gurus to Follow

You’ve probably heard of Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki (or at least his bestseller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad). But those aren’t the only personal finance gurus worth following. Check out these other well-known moneymakers who dispense their own unique brand of financial advice.

Podcaster: Farnoosh Torabi

Major Philosophy: Live richly, no matter your income

Podcast Site

Besides being named Entrepreneur magazine’s top woman-hosted podcast, Torabi’s So Money is one of the most interesting and accessible financial resources around. It’s a perfect introduction to money management, with entertaining first-person accounts of financial foibles and feats from Torabi and her guests, who have included self-help guru Tony Robbins and author Seth Godin.

Author: Chris Hogan

Major Philosophy: You control your destiny — and your wealth


A prodigy of Dave Ramsey, Hogan made his mark (and lots of money) with his bestseller Everyday Millionaires, which traces the upward trajectories of 100 real-life millionaires. If you love the book, listen to The Chris Hogan Show weekly for answers to your questions about everything from retirement to real estate investing.

YouTuber: Canna Campbell

Major Philosophy: Do more with less

Youtube Channel

Financial planner Canna Campbell, aka “Sugar Momma,” is all about minimalism and mindset: if you believe it, you can save. Her e-book The $1,000 Project (which Canna herself completed as a personal challenge) encourages readers to save $1,000 at a time and then choose where that money will be allotted.

Public Speaker: Grant Cardone

Major Philosophy: Make success your duty


Tired of hearing about forgoing daily lattes and traveling on a bare-bones budget? According to sales trainer and real estate mogul Grant Cardone, the secret to financial success isn’t being budget-conscious, it’s just making more cash. The man owns a Gulfstream G200 private jet, so can he really be wrong?

Sometimes, it helps to get advice from others, especially when it comes to your finances. Even the most highly experienced professionals aren’t necessarily the best fit for your needs, though. Browse websites, podcasts and videos from these personal gurus and other financially savvy individuals and choose the tips and tricks that relate most to your individual situation.

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