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Quiz: Are You Getting the Most out of Your Debit Card?

Racking up too much credit card debt? Take this quiz to see if you’re making the most of all the benefits your debit card has to offer. While credit can be a useful way to get to your destination, there’s a big upside to taking the debit road.

Having a debit card in your wallet is like having cash in your hand anytime — without the frustrations and worries of carrying around a wad of bills! Debit cards are convenient and easy to use. Plus, provided they carry a credit card logo like our Visa® debit cards, they are accepted nearly everywhere in the world. They also have some side perks that make using a debit card even more practical!

Are you using your debit card to its potential, or are you missing out? Take this quick five-question quiz to find out.

1. How do you pay for small items like a sandwich or your morning coffee?

  • A. Debit Card
  • B. Cash
  • C. Credit Card
  • D. Other

2. How do you pay for groceries?

  • A. Debit Card
  • B. Cash
  • C. Credit Card
  • D. Other

3. Do you have a debit card on file in your digital wallet?

  • A. Yes
  • B. I'm not sure
  • C. No
  • D. I don't have a digital wallet

4. Do you make peer-to-peer payments (Venmo, Zelle, etc.) with your debit card?

  • A. Yes
  • B. Sometimes
  • C. No, I use a credit card or bank account
  • D. I don't make peer-to-peer payments

5. Have you created a monthly budget?

  • A. Yes
  • B. Yes, but I don't follow it
  • C. Not yet
  • D. No, and I don't plan to

Please answer all the questions.

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