6 Steps to Getting a Will

Maybe you’ve been planning to make a will but haven’t had the time. Or perhaps you haven’t even considered how to protect your assets and your family for the long-term.

Either way, if you’re looking toward the future, here are six steps to take when creating your will. And don’t worry if this seems daunting — a Desert Financial Wills & Trusts consultant can help walk you through the process::

1. Plan for Your Property:

Think about the assets and items you’ll want to include in your will. Make a list of all your assets, including real estate, retirement accounts, life insurance policies and credit union or bank accounts.

2. Choose Your Beneficiary:

Select your main beneficiaries, as well as backups (these are called “contingent beneficiaries”) in the event your primary choices aren’t able to inherit for any reason.

3. Select an Executor:

Every will requires an executor — the person tasked with carrying out your wishes. Note that this doesn’t have to be the same person as your primary beneficiary.

4. Think About the Children:

If you have minor children, make a plan for guardianship in case another parent or guardian is unable to care for them. If you do not want your children to receive a lump sum payment, you may want to consider a Revocable Living Trust to better control how funds are distributed.

5. Make Your Will:

Work with a professional to ensure that your will contains everything that you need it to. Your Wills & Trusts consultant will walk you through the steps to ensure that your will is created, formalized and signed properly. Don’t forget: You can earn up to $150 off a will or trust with Relationship Rewards!1

6. Keep it Safe:

You’ll want to locate your will somewhere where it can be easily accessed by your executor. When you prepare financial planning documents with Desert Financial, you receive a portfolio with your signed documents. In addition, we store electronic versions so they are available to you or your loved ones

Getting a will or trust is an important part of planning for the unexpected and securing your family’s future. Once you follow the steps necessary to have your will prepared, you can rest easy knowing that your wishes are documented.

Get help with your will.


1Document preparation services are offered through Desert Financial Credit Union; an Arizona Supreme Court Certified Legal Document Preparation Business Entity (CLDP #81024). Legal document preparation services are not insured by the NCUA and have no credit union guarantee.

The material presented here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be used as financial, investment, or legal advice.