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Quiz: Should I Get a Store Credit Card?

Branded credit cards are everywhere: Walmart, Amazon, Banana Republic and Pottery Barn are just a few of the retailers offering personalized plastic.

A retail credit card could save you a pretty penny if you shop someplace often. That’s because many store charge cards come with opportunities for rewards — whether it’s a percentage off of your purchase or rewards points that you can exchange for cash or gift cards later on.

Are store credit cards really worth it, though? Take our quick quiz to determine if a store card could be right for you or if you’re better off sticking with a more traditional option.

1. How often do you use a credit card for purchases?

  • A. Rarely
  • B. Sometimes
  • C. Pretty often
  • D. Daily

2. Where are you most likely to use your card?

  • A. In a department store
  • B. At a clothing or home décor store
  • C. For groceries and gas
  • D. Online

3. Which of the following is most appealing to you?

  • A. Loyalty discounts
  • B. Getting a percent of purchases back
  • C. Earning rewards
  • D. Low interest rates

4. How loyal are you to the brand/store you’re considering?

  • A. It's the only store for me
  • B. I shop there a lot, but we're not exclusive
  • C. I visit occasionally
  • D. I frequent lots of stores

5. How often do you make purchases with this retailer?

  • A. Daily
  • B. Frequently
  • C. Sometimes
  • D. Rarely

6. How many store credit cards do you have?

  • A. None
  • B. One
  • C. Two or more
  • D. All my credit cards are store cards

7. Which benefit is the most important to you?

  • A. Getting easily approved
  • B. Having a high credit limit
  • C. Low interest rate
  • D. Ability to use your card anywhere

8. What would you most want to avoid in a credit card?

  • A. Annual fee
  • B. Difficult application process
  • C. High interest rate
  • D. Low credit limit
Please answer all the questions.

Get a credit card you love.


The material presented here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as financial, investment, or legal advice.