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The REAL Reasons Why Credit Unions Give Back

First, there’s the anticipation. Then comes the heart flutter. And finally, the magical endorphin rush! No, we’re not talking about your last Bumble date. These are all symptoms of something far more altruistic and enjoyable: Giving back.

Whatever your favorite cause, it just feels good to give. Like savoring a chocolate brownie and a glass of wine while enjoying a post-workout-high good. According to science, giving also makes you happier.1

So, why do credit unions give so much back?

Because helping others is the right thing to do. We share our success with our members, our team and our community because we believe that the more successful you are, the more you should give back.

$3.9 million

in community support in 2020

Author Maya Angelou said, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Basically, if you’re doing well, use the money or time you have to do some good for others. As a credit union, the more support we get from our members and our community, the more we are able to give back.

Here are a few of the other reasons we put helping others at the top of our to-do list:

It Helps Our Members

$14 million

Member Giveback Bonus total amount5

As part of a credit union, you’re a member and part-owner (not a customer) who benefits from the credit union model of reinvesting revenue back into the institution. (Desert Financial calls this sharing success!) This means a credit union can offer more affordable products and rewards for members and invest in the community. One reward of being a member is knowing your banking helps the community and others with their financial needs and goals, like becoming a first-time homeowner! The credit union difference is that your membership is truly meaningful.

It Helps Communities Throughout Arizona

We do well → Help the community → Community helps you → You partner with us

Giving back isn’t a straight line that starts with us and dead-ends at a local nonprofit. It’s a circle drawn by an altruist spirit that keeps going round and round. As a financial not-for-profit cooperative, we redistribute our profits into helping organizations and people in need through donations and volunteering. Support for local partners helps create thriving communities and a stronger local economy, which makes where you live a better and more positive place to call home. Many credit unions also invest in financial literacy programs and scholarships to help students with their educational pursuits.

It Helps Our Team


Total amount given back to employees5

At credit unions, members and the community aren’t the only ones who benefit. Its giving back and helping-others philosophy benefits the organization’s employees too. At Desert Financial, we are committed to maintaining a positive and employee-centric culture. We also provide our team with an array of benefits, including vacation/sick time sell back, bonus/incentives, fun employee contests and challenges, and our InvestED program in partnership with Arizona State University offering tuition coverage.

It Helps Our Organization


Giving back helps credit unions and its employees experience a sense of purpose. The Desert Financial team works hard, whether it’s their job or volunteering or both, because we know it’s making lives better. This passion to help translates into creating exceptional financial experiences, providing personalized services and spreading kindness throughout Arizona. Being able to share success with you is our success.

If you want to help give back— and get more back — then joining a credit union is a good move to make! You play a role in changing lives and you get some great benefits not offered by banks. Plus, you partner with a financial institution devoted to giving back to its members with its Random Acts of Kindness, sweepstakes and Relationship Rewards.

So, what’s the REAL reason why credit unions give back? A credit union gives back because its purpose (more than a bottom line) is to make a difference in the lives of others. Desert Financial helps members manage personal finances and reach life goals, as well as supports community efforts and charities.

Thinking about joining a credit union?

Find out how we help you and your community!


5In 2020

The material presented here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used as financial, investment or legal advice.