Secrets That Thrifty People Don’t Want You to Know

You know that friend who posts daily pics of their glamourous, awesome life on Instagram? The one with the perfect wardrobe. Drool-worthy food pics. The couple who seems to be traveling every other weekend.

They have a hidden secret. Unless your pal is balling with a trust fund or a six-figure-plus income, they’re probably thrifting on the DL.

You don’t have to sacrifice having fun or looking like a million bucks in the name of saving. There’s a lot to be learned from these secretly frugal people if you just pay attention. Click on the images below to reveal their secrets!

When Dining Out is Eating Up Your Budget

One of the biggest money-wasters is eating at a restaurant or fast-food joint. In America, more than half of every dollar spent on food goes to restaurants. That includes takeout and delivery services, which have boomed in popularity over the last few years.

To put this into perspective, the average household spends a whopping $3,365 a year on eating out, or about $280 a month. You could lease a nice mid-size SUV for that price!

Carmen lives large with her friends while secretly saving money for her next trip abroad. How? Click on the pic to find out.

Dinner at home

Rather than going out to a pricey restaurant, Carmen suggested dinner at her place this week.

Potlucks rule

Everyone brought drinks or a dish to share. Potlucks are a serious money-saver!

Groupon the grub

Carmen used a coupon for delivery service and ordered pizza for everyone at a discount! PS. She paid with her rewards card so she can get cash back!

Budgeting is Not a Spectator Sport

Daniel was going broke shelling out cash to watch his favorite teams play every month. He still sees the Suns and Cardinals play a few times a year, but he now buys seats online using a discount ticket website. Dan also found a few creative ways to cut costs while still looking like a #1 fan.

Get in the game

Dan’s friends are happy to get on the court at a local park or community center instead of watching a game. It’s free, and they get a killer workout without going to the gym.

Be a (low) baller

Buy gently used jerseys, footballs and clearance shoes at a local resale shop like Play it Again Sports.

Watch at home

Stream live games on TV at your house with friends instead of going to a sports bar where you’re likely to overspend on drinks and pub grub.

Jet Away on the Fly

Are you among the 76% of people who’d love to travel more? So were Jasmine and Zach. They started by improving their saving habits and setting aside a separate fund just for getaways. Next, they looked for ways to have amazing experiences abroad without breaking the bank. It’s easier than you might imagine — just click around the image to see how they travel cheaply without sacrificing comfort.

Travel off-peak

Save cash by visiting in the off months, flying the redeye on a weekday or booking a cruise during hurricane season (don’t worry, they’re self-contained and rarely cancelled).

Stay at (someone’s) home

Zach and Jasmine book homestays with Airbnb or VRBO at cheaper rates than hotels. If they know someone nearby, they stay with a friend.

Keep close

Stay in walking distance to restaurants and tourist spots to save on gas or rideshare costs. Use public transpo or carpool if you’re going farther out.

Too many of us end up sitting at home alone eating ramen noodles and binge-watching Netflix because it’s cheap. But you don’t have to let your social life die in the name of saving. By following the “secrets” of the rich (in experience) and frugal, you can live well without sacrificing your happiness — or your social cred.

The material presented here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be used as financial, investment, or legal advice.