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A Source of Help

We proudly support the mission of The Association for Supportive Child Care (ASCC), which was founded in 1976. The ASCC’s professional development training courses, educational classes and coaching experiences are valuable resources for parents, family members, educators and child care providers. Children need their caregivers to provide a strong foundation of support, learning opportunities and growth development in order to build successful futures. However, those caregivers often need their own support team. They need their own learning and growth opportunities to become good role models for the children in their lives.

In Arizona, the Association of Supportive Child Care looks to fill the role of being the support team for those caregivers. Through the ASCC’s professional development training courses, teachers can strengthen their abilities and add specialized skills to their professional toolbox. Families can find support and educational resources through the ASCC to ensure that their children receive proper care and learning opportunities. The ASCC also offers coaching experiences to early childhood program administrators as part of their educational improvement efforts.

The ultimate goal of the Association of Supportive Child Care is to ensure that every child is safe, supported, happy, and has hope for a bright, fulfilling future. All of that starts with educating those that are part of a child’s life, which is the ASCC’s focus. We believe in the mission of this nonprofit organization that has helped over 100,000 children and families. Visit www.asccaz.org to learn more about the ways that you can get involved with the Association of Supportive Child Care.

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