A Miraculous Story of Hope and Heroism

Jason Kvam is Desert Financial’s Senior Finance Director who has been a part of our team for nearly 25 years. Jason’s battle with his health began when he suffered from kidney failure at age 26. He and his family refused to give up hope, and his sister Michelle didn’t hesitate to donate her kidney. In March 2011, Jason received devastating news that his new kidney was failing. He and his wife, Shanna, also found out they were going to be parents. It was a bitter-sweet time.

Once Desert Financial learned about Jason’s transplant journey, we embarked on a relentless mission to find him a match.

Heroes Among Us

In 2018, we launched the #KidneyForKvam campaign to help Jason find a live donor and spread the word. Graciously, a donor stepped up to help. In the end, she wasn’t a match for Jason, but she was still able to give her kidney to another person in need.

The Kvam family remained optimistic while Jason continued to fight despite the odds. Jason is known as someone who has no quit — and we weren’t going to either. Then in summer 2020, a Desert Financial member (and stranger to the family) gave the greatest gift possible and successfully donated her kidney. This selfless act of heroism and extraordinary generosity saved Jason’s life, giving him the chance to have a new, promising life ahead with his loved ones.

The Power of Helping

This amazing story of hope and heroism inspires us at Desert Financial to keep listening to those in need and give back in any way we can. Human kindness truly surrounds us, and we can all do our part to help, impact or save a life. It doesn’t matter how big or small, making a difference is powerful, and it changes you, just as much as it changes someone else.

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