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6 Ways Helping Others Helps You & Your Success

People who sincerely care about helping others don’t expect anything in return for their good deeds. Giving back, however, naturally benefits difference makers in ways that help make their lives become better, more joyful and more successful.

Helping is an art. You can help others, loved ones, communities, animals and the planet — whatever you’re passionate about! Through helping, you can create beautiful outcomes like a smile on someone’s face or finding a rescue dog a forever home. This “work of art” is immensely impactful and can change your life as well with these benefits:

Power of Positivity

We all know that helping others is a positive experience. That positivity can consume you and lift you up, generating an overall optimistic perspective and mindset. Living life through a positive lens can empower you to succeed professionally, financially, personally and health-wise. For instance, if you don’t believe in yourself while job searching, you’re likely not going to ace the interview. If you are determined to pay off your debt, you’re on the right path toward making it happen.

A More Meaningful Career

You may find that volunteering for an organization grew from a hobby into a passion. This passion may inspire your transition into a more impactful career like teaching, nursing or working for a nonprofit. Also, volunteering can provide you with skills applicable to your job that can help advance your career, such as teamwork, leadership, communication, problem-solving, decision making, project management and organization.

A Supportive Network for Social Success

As you volunteer more and more with an organization, you start to form friendships with other volunteers and those who work for the organization. You become a part of a mini-community made up of like-minded people who share your values and passion to help. A close network like this can provide a sense of belonging and “social success.” Connection can boost emotional health, support you in overcoming challenges and simply make life more enjoyable.

Success is Contagious

Helping other people become successful can inspire you to push yourself to be more successful too, like making new goals or stepping outside your comfort zone. For example, you may donate your time to help unemployed people find jobs. This could look like resume coaching or clothing assistance. Then to witness that person find a job is rewarding. The experience could be a driving force for you to go after opportunities you never thought possible.

Mind and Body Wellness

One outcome of volunteering is the mental and physical health benefits. Visiting the elderly or boxing up food for people in need with other volunteers can release endorphins that can create a helper’s high, which could relieve stress, cure loneliness, boost self-esteem and provide you with a purpose. What can you accomplish with a less stressful, more connected, confident and purposeful life? Success could look like better performance at work, strengthened relationships and accomplishing a personal goal like running a 10K.

A Better Way to Find Fulfillment

Fostering a dog, fundraising for good cause or even simply donating money can fill your heart with goodness and happiness — and this joy has the power to be more fulfilling than shopping or a bottle of wine. This is could be a life-changing trade-off prompting better finances and good health. See if you can channel your energy into ways to give back, and you may discover that the experience is more rewarding than buying something frivolous or having a drink.

Did you know that by joining a credit union you’re helping your local community? The credit union philosophy centers on giving back to its members and community. So, by joining your local credit union, you’re supporting its giving back efforts and playing a role in all the ways the organization shares success to make lives better.

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The material presented here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be used as financial, investment, or legal advice.