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Local Love: Make the Pledge to Go Local

Shop local. Spend local. Eat local. Enjoy local. Have you made the pledge yet to go local? Small businesses are burgeoning as the heartbeat of communities, and they need our support to continue thriving. As a local organization, we want to give some local love and share why experiences with Phoenix businesses are so rewarding, for both the business and the customer.

On the Corner of Connection

In central Phoenix, where 16th Street and Bethany Home Road intersect, you’ll find Luci’s Marketplace. After strolling in to shop for a couple of greeting cards, we met with the manager to talk about what makes this neighborhood restaurant such a popular local hangout.

We’re a family business that began as a local marketplace to offer more natural and sustainable foods and products. We partner with food vendors in the neighborhood, who become a part of our family. It’s a place that connects everyone. You get to know people. Our partners donate items, and it’s our way of supporting others and giving back. Supporting local is all about personal connection. You help people, and we care about what we do.
- Connor Dolan

Luci’s, with its two Phoenix locations, represents what community connection means — from posting what’s going on around town on its community board to its partnership with the bakery across the street.

Unique and Quality Gifts

Unlike most big-box retailers, local businesses like Phoenix’s boutique Frances offers unique, specially curated clothing, jewelry, home essentials and more. These products, provided by local artists, artisans, crafters and small businesses, reflect the owner’s commitment to collaboration and deeper community connections.

Scott Goodson, owner of Citizen Home Décor, regularly sets up shop at Frances to sell his handmade wooden décor pieces. His stickers, wall art, coasters, keychains, postcards, luggage tags and more are truly one-of-a-kind. As an Arizona native, he also designs pieces with state pride, like the AZ wooden pennant sign and cactus birch coaster. It’s local family businesses like Citizen HD that bring unique charm to the Phoenix community.

More Than a Regular, a Friend

Owners, employees and customers who visit regularly get to know one another, and these relationships develop into friendships. We sat down with the manager at Kaleidoscope Juice in Old Town Scottsdale to chat about why this juice bar and coffee café loves being local.

We have great regulars who are so dedicated. We love to make their day better and brighten their day. It’s so rewarding. Our customers will bring in gifts for us, like avocados and oranges, and we’ll give out free drinks and coffee because we love them. Phoenix is so spread out that we have to come together more. When I go anywhere local, it’s like visiting a friend. They remember you, and that is a relationship.
- Cory Tejada

When you get to interact on such a personal level, the customer service is just better. This may be one reason why Kaleidoscope has expanded into multiple locations throughout the Valley. We even got to experience the “local love” and their spirit of generosity with an Aloha green juice drink on the house. And surrounded by such colorful drinks and food and vibrant, positive energy… Hello island vibes.

A Community Gathering Place

Where else can you experience the best local shopping and eating than at your farmers market? Farmers markets have evolved since 1730 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where city planners designed the first public marketplace called the Lancaster Central Market. Over time, local farmers and merchants set up wagons on street curbs to sell fresh produce, meats and baked goods. Local markets have rapidly grown in popularity as social, shopping and eating hubs for the community to experience.

In downtown Phoenix, locals flock to the Open Air Market at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturday morning. Food trucks, coffee stands, farmers, vendors and even a yoga studio from down the street meet to not only offer their goods, but also create an outdoors gathering place that people have come to love.

Live and Love Local

Small businesses are increasingly sprouting up throughout the Valley. These places — where you can find personal connection and diverse goods — also help produce new jobs, grow entrepreneurship and boost the local economy. So when you spot a new coffee shop or restaurant open up in town, stop by! You’re doing good by going local.

The material presented here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be used as financial, investment, or legal advice.