Ways to Impact Our Community

Giving back to our community is one of our core values and an important part of everything we do. If you want to give back, here are a few ways to get involved and make a difference in the community we share:

Contribute Money

Donating funds to local charities is always a great way to help. Even a small monthly donation can help to sustain a nonprofit and aid them in continuing their work and services.

If you aren’t familiar with a particular charity, research the organization online and look for ratings and information from independent charity review organizations. Charity Watch, Charity Navigator and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance all provide independent ratings of charities. Please keep in mind that some smaller, local groups may not be rated, so you may need to do a little more research on them.

Don’t forget to be on the lookout for scams, “sound-alike” charity names, and high-pressure telemarketers that may be keeping a large portion of your donations. When you research a charity before you donate, you can be confident that your contributions are making a difference in our community.

Donate Items

If you would rather donate physical items instead of cash, there are many Valley organizations that would be happy to accept them. Look on an organization’s website for information and wish lists. Be sure to contact the group before donating to confirm their current needs and how and when you should deliver your items. Work clothes that you no longer wear could help someone find a new job, and an extra box of diapers that you buy at the store could help a working mom afford her rent for the month.


We have a strong commitment to volunteering, with our team members contributing nearly 5,000 hours of volunteer service every year. We want to help you get involved too and find volunteer opportunities that match your unique skills and interests.

Before you get started, think about your personality type and interests. Do you like to interact with people? If so, there are plenty of organizations that provide opportunities to help adults, children, and seniors.

If you would rather work behind the scenes, there are hundreds of ways to help. Look for volunteer projects like cooking meals, packing food boxes, sorting donations, building playgrounds, and helping with administrative duties. These types of activities are also great to tackle as a group – invite your friends and family to get involved!

Think about your special skills and interests when looking for ways to give back. Many organizations would be thrilled to have volunteers with skills in the areas of technology, writing, accounting, graphic design, sales/fundraising, or handyman work.

An online search can help connect you to hundreds of organizations and opportunities. Look for groups that you know of, or search for opportunities based on what you would like to do. If you would like some ideas, check out some of the groups where our team members regularly volunteer:

Volunteer Opportunities

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The material presented here is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be used as financial, investment, or legal advice.