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It’s easy to access the funds in your checking account with a Desert Financial Visa® Debit Card. When you open an account with us, you get to select the design that best reflects your personality. Choose whether you want our updated Splash card, designed with creativity in mind, our Sunrise card, which was inspired by the Arizona skies or our Arizona Cardinals card that shows you’re a true fan. All of our debit cards are equipped with chip technology for added security, and they can be used at merchants and ATM machines worldwide.1

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Visa® Debit Card Options

Splash Card
Splash Card

Our primary card’s custom artwork combines Desert Financial’s blue color palette and iconic “teardrop” logo with a vibrant splash of orange for warmth.

Sunrise Card
Sunrise Card

Our Sunrise card features an elegant, classic design that captures the warmth and beauty of an Arizona sunrise.

Arizona Cardinals Card
Arizona Cardinals Card

Get in the zone with our Arizona Cardinals Visa® debit card, designed for the Bird Gang’s biggest fans!


Want the flexibility of a debit card, but don’t have a Desert Financial checking account?


1Account holders receive two free ATM withdrawals per statement cycle at PLUS®, CO-OP, and Visa® ATMs; $2 for each additional transaction. Unlimited transactions allowed at Desert Financial ATMs.

2A $5 card exchange/replacement fee may apply.