VISA® Debit Cards

Choose the card that fits your style.

It’s easy to access the funds in your checking account with a Desert Financial Visa® Debit Card. When you open an account with us, you get to select the design that best reflects your personality. All of our debit cards are equipped with chip technology for added security, and they can be used at merchants and ATM machines worldwide.1

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Visa® Debit Card Options

Splash Card
Splash Card

Our primary card’s custom artwork combines Desert Financial’s blue color palette and iconic “teardrop” logo with a vibrant splash of orange for warmth.

Sunrise Card
Sunrise Card

Our Sunrise card features an elegant, classic design that captures the warmth and beauty of an Arizona sunrise.

Arizona Cardinals Card
Arizona Cardinals Card

Get in the zone with our Arizona Cardinals Visa® debit card, designed for the Bird Gang’s biggest fans!

Desert Bloom  Card
Blue Agave

The serene beauty of nature is captured in this colorful image of a rosette-shaped succulent that flourishes in the Southwest.

Beautiful Arizona Card
Desert Night

Sweeping desert vistas, spectacular sunsets and towering rock formations make Monument Valley a source of great pride for Arizonans.

Beloved Pets Card
Furry Friends

Showcase your love for animals with this “aww-inspiring” design featuring a sweet puppy nuzzling up to his fuzzy feline friend.


Want the flexibility of a debit card, but don’t have a Desert Financial checking account?



At Desert Financial, we work to monitor your debit card transactions for fraudulent activity. When we spot suspicious activity on your debit card transactions, we may contact you via text message asking you to reply with YES or NO as a one-time response:*

YES – You agree with the transaction in question.
NO – You do not agree and have encountered fraudulent activity. We will take action.
To opt out, reply with STOP.

IMPORTANT: Desert Financial will never ask you for your personal or account information. Refer to our FAQs below for more information on fraudulent activity. Notifying you of possible fraudulent activity is just another way that Desert Financial works to help protect you.

Fraud Protection Alert Feature FAQs

This service is available to all members.

All members who provide or have provided a current cell phone number to Desert Financial and have SMS texting enabled are automatically enrolled in this service.

There are two ways to opt out:

  1. You can opt out of the service by calling Fiserv EnFact Fraud Protection Center at 866-750-9107.
  2. If you receive a text message notice alerting you of possible fraudulent activity, then you can text back STOP. You will no longer receive any further text messages.

This service is provided to you at no charge from Desert Financial; however, message and data rates may apply.

For your security, Desert Financial will never ask for personal or account information via email, text and/or phone call. A text will ask you to confirm or deny recent charges on your debit card that could be fraudulent activity. We will only ask you to reply with YES or NO as a one-time response.

If you receive a suspicious text from Desert Financial requesting information from you other than YES, NO or STOP, the text is fraudulent. DO NOT RESPOND; contact 602-433-7000 to report the incident.

Keeping your contact information updated with Desert Financial is essential for this service to properly alert you of potential fraud. You are able to view and update your contact information through your Online Banking Account by taking the following steps: log into your Online Banking Account -> click the down arrow by your name -> click “Settings” -> click on the “Contact” tab, click “Edit” on any personal information you want to update -> click “Save Changes” after making your updates.

In addition to text messaging, you may receive an email and/or phone call when suspicious activity is identified on your debit card transactions. You may also receive an email alerting you that a fraud alert notification was sent via text message.

1Account holders receive two free ATM withdrawals per statement cycle at PLUS®, CO-OP, and Visa® ATMs; $2 for each additional transaction. Unlimited transactions allowed at Desert Financial ATMs.

2A $5 card exchange/replacement fee may apply.