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Get Your Funds Faster With Direct Deposit

No driving. No waiting. No worries.

Desert Financial's Direct Deposit is safe, convenient and free! Sign up and your checks will be automatically deposited into your Desert Financial account. You’ll no longer have to worry about lost or stolen checks, or waiting in line to deposit your pay or Social Security check.

  • Free, reliable and convenient deposit of funds
  • No need to visit a branch
  • Save time and effort
  • Direct money to a single account or multiple accounts (if available)

How to Set Up Your Direct Deposit

Confirm with your employer’s payroll office or the Social Security Administration that a direct deposit option is available and that you are eligible to enroll in it.

Provide your account information when signing up to have your paychecks, Social Security checks or other payments directly deposited into your account. You will need:

  • Our routing and transit number: 122187238
  • Your 14-digit account number: Log into Online Banking and click the name of the account you want your funds deposited into. Click on the Account Details tab and look for the DIRECT DEPOSIT AND ACH TRANSACTIONS ACCOUNT NUMBER located about halfway down the page.
    • If your 14-digit account number starts with “0,” you must include the zeros as well as the last 4 digits after the dash (this indicates if it’s your checking account, savings account, Money Market account, etc.).
    • Do not include the dash. Including the dash could prevent your funds from being deposited.
      Example: 00045678900400

View the direct deposit form

Your account number is also located at the bottom (center) of your Desert Financial checks, after our routing number.

Get access to your funds without having to cash or deposit your check.

It’s that easy. With direct deposit, you can enjoy quick access to your money without the hassle of having to drive to a branch and wait in line.

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