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Just say, “Alexa, open Desert Financial” and let the magic begin.

We have released a new version of our Amazon Alexa Skill. If you’re an active user, your Skill is automatically unlinked. You will need to disable and re-enable the Skill to relink your accounts. See our How to Relink Guide.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started — Amazon Alexa

To use our Alexa skill, you’ll just need a Desert Financial account and your Online Banking login information.

  1. Find us: Open the Amazon Alexa app. In the main menu, select SKILLS. Do a quick search for Desert Financial and choose ENABLE.
  2. Link up: Enter your Online Banking info when prompted, and then create a voice passcode for Desert Financial’s Alexa skill. (Tip: To keep your information secure, use a unique code that you don’t use for anything else.)
  3. Use your voice: Simply say “Alexa, open Desert Financial” to get started. Say your new voice password whenever Alexa asks for it within the Desert Financial Skill. For step-by-step instructions on how to set up or relink the Skill, download our How to Enable and Relink Guide.

With voice banking, you can ask questions about Desert Financial, hear our current promotions and conduct everyday banking transactions such as transferring money and checking your account balances. Here are just a few of the commands available to you inside the Alexa Desert Financial Skill:


Check Your Balance

Find out how much money you have in your accounts, and hear the amount that’s currently available to you.

You can say things like,

  • “Alexa, open Desert Financial and get my checking balance.”
  • “Alexa, ask Desert Financial for my home loan balance.”
  • “Alexa, ask Desert Financial how much I have in my savings account.”
  • “Alexa, open Desert Financial and tell me my balance.”

Transfer Money

Make a transfer between your Desert Financial accounts. You can say things like,,

  • “Alexa, transfer money between accounts.”
  • “Alexa, transfer money to other Desert Financial members.”
  • “Alexa transfer money from checking to savings.”

Hear Your Account History

Don’t keep every receipt and log every transaction? No worries. Easily track your spending by asking for a list of your recent transactions. You can say things like,

  • “Alexa, open Desert Financial and tell me my most recent savings transactions.”
  • “Alexa, ask Desert Financial how much I spent last month.”
  • “Alexa, ask Desert Financial for my checking account history.”
  • “Alexa, open Desert Financial and list my recent transactions."

Get Financial Tips

If pinching pennies doesn’t come easily to you, we’ve got your back. Our savvy saving tips will be music to your ears. You can say things like,

  • “Alexa, open Desert Financial and get money tips.”
  • “Alexa, ask Desert Financial about saving money.”
  • “Alexa, open Desert Financial and tell me saving tips.”
  • “Alexa, ask Desert Financial for advice on saving money.”

Ask Questions

The Alexa Desert Financial Skill is like having an information desk at your beck and call. We are here to help 24/7! You can say things like,

  • “Alexa, ask Desert Financial for a list of locations.”
  • “Alexa, open Desert Financial and tell me contact information.”
  • “Alexa, ask Desert Financial for their routing number.”
  • “Alexa, open Desert Financial and get their mailing address.”


Amazon Alexa is a voice-activated interactive service that performs the tasks of a digital personal assistant. Amazon Alexa uses voice interaction and smart technology to respond to your voice commands to do things like play your music, make lists, set alarms, check the weather, retrieve answers with internet searches and pair with other smart devices to access and control additional functionality.

  • Echo Spot
  • Echo Plus
  • Amazon Echo (1st Generation)
  • Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)
  • Echo Show
  • Echo Connect
  • Echo Dot
  • Echo Look
  • Amazon Tap
  • Fire OS 3.0 or higher
  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 9.0 or higher

You can also go to https://alexa.amazon.com on a desktop computer to use the skill.

The Desert Financial Skill is like an app for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. It contains all the information required to set up a connection between your Amazon Alexa-enabled device and your accounts, products, services and other smart devices and appliances that are enabled for use with Amazon Alexa.

You can download the Desert Financial Skill similar to the way you would download an app for your smartphone. When you download and enable the Alexa Desert Financial Skill, you can use voice commands to interact with Alexa and request information about your Desert Financial accounts or perform banking transactions.

Read the Alexa Voice Banking Terms and Conditions.

Download our How to Enable and Relink Guide for detailed steps and screenshots. If you need to sign up for Online Banking, visit Register for Online Banking Access.

The account linking process is encrypted to protect your personal information and establish a secure connection between Amazon and Desert Financial. You will also be asked to create a unique, 6-digit voice passcode for added security. Rest assured that your login and financial information will not be shared with Amazon or anyone else.

It's a 6-digit passcode you'll create as you're enabling the Alexa Desert Financial Skill. You will typically be asked for this number when making transfers. For extra security, you can also opt to have Alexa always ask for your voice passcode before providing any account information.

You'll need to disable and re-enable our skill in the Alexa app. During the setup process, you can create a new voice passcode or change your voice passcode preferences.

Don’t worry, Alexa will always ask you for your 6-digit voice passcode whenever you transfer money. If you are concerned about the privacy of your account information, you can choose to have Alexa always ask for your passcode before responding to a voice request.

Repeat the command in case Alexa was not able to hear it properly. If that doesn’t work, try your request again in a few minutes. If Alexa is still unable to find your accounts, we recommend using Online Banking until the problem is fixed.

If you're having issues with your Alexa-enabled device, please contact Amazon customer service directly.

You'll need to disable the skill by taking the following steps:

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Go to the Desert Financial Skill
  • Select Disable

Read the Alexa Voice Banking Terms and Conditions

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