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Just say, “Hey Google, talk to Desert Financial!”

Consider Google Assistant to be your personal virtual banking partner! By using only your voice, you can ask Google to help with your banking and keep you informed on your finances through your mobile, Google Home or smart device.

The Desert Financial Action

Google Assistant is your hands-free, voice-activated system. The Desert Financial Action is like an app through which you can connect Google Assistant to your accounts and start a conversation about your banking. You can skip the line at a branch and conveniently access your finances faster than logging into your account on your computer!

Getting Started with Google Assistant

To use and enroll in the Desert Financial Action through Google Assistant, you will need to sign up for Online Banking and then follow these steps.

  1. Mobile: Download the Google Assistant app from the App Store or Google Play and click on the Compass icon to add the Desert Financial Action.
    PC or Laptop: Visit assistant.google.com, click “What it can do” and click “Explore All Actions.”
  2. Search for the Desert Financial Action. (Mobile: Then click the 3 stacked lines.)
  3. Click the LINK button
  4. Use your Online Banking username/password to log in and start the account linking process.

Welcome to Desert Financial Voice User Enrollment! Continue following the prompts — and you’re well on your way! For step-by-step instructions on how to set up or relink the Action, download our How to Enroll and Relink Guide.

How does it work?

Voice-enabled commands are tasks that you ask Google Assistant to perform. You can begin by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google” — and either start a conversation by saying “talk to Desert Financial” or directly make a command such as “ask Desert Financial, what is my savings balance?”

What can I do?

Here are tasks available to you inside the Desert Financial Action. (Please note that many tasks require mapped nicknames.)


Check Your Balance

See where you money stands in your savings and checking accounts. You can say things like,

  • What is my nickname balance?
  • Text me my balance.
  • Email my nickname account balance to me.

Ask for Details About a Loan

Google keeps you up-to-date on your loans. You can say things like,

  • What is the balance of my loan nickname?
  • What is the payment amount of my loan nickname?
  • When is my loan nickname payment due?

Hear Your Account History

Keep track of your spending by asking Google about your past transactions. You can say things like,

  • Tell me about my nickname account history.
  • What is my account history?
  • Email my nickname account history to me.

View Your Summaries

Get an overview of your finances. You can say things like,

  • What accounts do I have?
  • What are my loans?
  • Text me a summary of my shares.

Transfer Money

Make a transfer between your Desert Financial accounts. You can say things like,

  • Transfer money between accounts.
  • Transfer money to other Desert Financial members.
  • Transfer money from checking to savings.

Get Desert Financial Information

Have questions answered about your credit union. You can say things like,

  • What is the phone number of my credit union?
  • What is the routing number of my credit union?
  • What are the hours of my credit union?


Google Assistant is available on Android and iOS, and the app can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store. You can connect with the Desert Financial Action through a wide range of Google Assistant-enabled speakers like Google Home, Google Nest Mini and Google Home Max. Google Assistant also works with smart displays, in cars, through TVs, and on laptops, tablets and wearables.

Download our How to Enroll and Relink Guide for detailed steps and screenshots. If you need to sign up for Online Banking, visit Register for Online Banking Access.

  • First we will authenticate that you are an authorized user of your online banking account.
  • Next you will complete the account linking process, which is encrypted to protect your personal information and establish a secure connection between Google and Desert Financial.
  • Following this process, you will enter a 4-digit PIN that will authenticate only you to use the Action.
  • After a voice request, Google requires this PIN number for verification and security.
  • You will also specify a mobile number and email address while enrolling, so the Action can send you a notification that your request has been completed.

Online banking accounts available to be linked can be accessed through the Action in Google Assistant. You will need to map (or link) an account name provided in the Action to an existing account in your Online Banking. These nicknames are what you’ll refer to during a task.

If Google doesn’t recognize an account or gives an error that a nickname isn’t mapped to an account, ask “What accounts do I have mapped?” to have a list of your mapped accounts emailed to you.

During the account linking process in Google, the terms “account” and “share” become interchangeable. So, if you ask Google Assistant, “what accounts do I have mapped?” or “what shares do I have mapped?” you will get the same response. (These shares include savings, checking, money market, etc.)

You can choose how/if you want to receive receipts via text and/or email. Set your preference to text all receipts, email all receipts, always ask or to none.

Say “Google cancel” and restart the conversation.

Each task must be a separate conversation. After one task is completed, you will need to begin a new conversation starting with “OK Google” or “Hey Google.” Then the Action will ask you what you would like to do next to continue the conversation.

  • To change your mapped nicknames
  • To change your 4-digit security PIN
  • To change your email address
  • To change your mobile phone number
  • You will be prompted to make the change

You can ask the Action for help (“help me with my PIN” or “send user commands”) and get financial education. Please keep in mind, we are still developing detailed responses to specific questions that our members may need to ask.

Don't have Google Assistant?

Use Alexa and the Desert Financial Skill!

Read the Google Voice Banking Terms and Conditions