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A member using their Home Equity Line of Credit from Desert Financial.


Now you can protect your loan from changing interest rates.

Our home equity line of credit simplifies paying for home expenses, but your payments may change as rates rise and fall. If you’d rather not risk changing rates or would like to know what your monthly payments will be, our Fixed Rate Option is a great solution. It’s free to lock in your payments at a fixed rate, and you can decide when you will pay off your balance. See how it works in the example below:

The Garcia family has an older home that needs a little bit of love. They get a home equity line of credit for $75,000 and get to work dragging it out of the ‘80s.

They start with a major kitchen upgrade.
They take out $25,000 at a fixed rate to be paid off over 10 years.

Their whole central air system gives out! They need a full AC overhaul ASAP.
In this instance, they choose take out $10,000 at a variable rate.

The Garcias decide that a pool would be the best way to beat the summer heat.
They take out $35,000 at a fixed rate to be paid off over 20 years.

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All loans subject to credit approval. Home Equity Line of Credit (“HELOC”) has a 10-year draw period; minimum monthly payment will be principal and interest amortized over a 30-year repayment term at a variable rate. Collateral restrictions apply. See representative for details. $50 annual fee applies; waived for Rewards+ members members. Fixed Rate Option: Must convert a minimum balance of $10,000 to Fixed Rate Option and may not exceed the credit limit. Loan term cannot exceed loan maturity date. Maximum of three Fixed Rate Options may be open at one time. Rates for the Fixed Rate Option are typically higher than HELOC variable rates. Minimum payment on a Fixed Rate Option includes principal and interest in fixed monthly payments.