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Frequently asked questions about Relationship Rewards


Go to the Relationship Rewards homepage to calculate your level.

General Program Information

What is Relationship Rewards?
Relationship Rewards is a program that rewards members for growing their relationship with Desert Financial. Members earn points based on the specific products and services they have with us.

Why was Relationship Rewards implemented?
The goal of Relationship Rewards is to give back to members for their role in supporting Desert Financial. We strive to provide exceptional experiences through financial solutions that make lives better. We believe Relationship Rewards puts us in the best possible position to deliver this now and in the future.

Where can I see my Relationship Rewards level?
View your Relationship Rewards status (if you are the Primary member) on your monthly statement and online banking account.

Member Giveback Program

When is the Member Giveback Bonus paid out?
The Member Giveback Bonus is paid out in January or February and is based on your Relationship Rewards level in the previous year.

How do I qualify for the Member Giveback Bonus?
To be eligible for the Member Giveback Bonus, you must be at the Rewards Member, or Rewards+ level of Relationship Rewards for a minimum of six months (not necessarily consecutive) in the previous year.

How can I increase my bonus?
To increase the amount of cash you get back, do more of your banking with Desert Financial. For example:

  • Use your Desert Financial debit card more frequently
  • Apply for loans from or bring existing loans to Desert Financial
  • Bring all your bank accounts over to Desert Financial

How much money will I receive?
The amount you receive will be based on your Relationship Rewards level in the previous year.


If I apply for a new loan, is it used to calculate my Relationship Rewards level for possible discounts?
Yes. The new loan amount (or credit limit, for lines of credit and home equity lines of credit) will be included in the total balance used to calculate your Relationship Rewards level for loan discounts. The loan discount for that Relationship Rewards level will be applied to the new loan. For more details, refer to the Statements of Terms, Conditions and Disclosures link at the bottom of this page.

Which loan products are eligible for Relationship Rewards loan discounts?
You can receive Rewards Member, or Rewards+ Level loan discounts on any consumer loan (auto, personal or unsecured) and any home equity loan product.


How do you define a “household”?
A household includes all Desert Financial members who reside at your address.

Why is Relationship Rewards calculated for households instead of individual membership?
It’s our way of expanding benefits to include your entire family. For example, if you have a spouse or children with their own accounts, calculating at the household level ensures their accounts get the same benefits as yours do.

What if I don’t want another individual to be in my household?
You can request to remove yourself from a household and create your own stand-alone household.

Points System

When are my points calculated?
Loan balances, deposits and investment balances, and presence of a Desert Financial Insurance Services product or mortgage are calculated on the first calendar day of each month (based on the balances and services you have on the last calendar day of the previous month). Direct deposit and checking account transactions are calculated based on activity during the previous calendar month.

How often are points calculated?
Monthly. Household points are calculated and updated on the first calendar day of each month.

Point Categories

Consumer Loan Products and Credit Cards
Do members receive points for the balance or for the limit on their consumer loans?
Members earn points based on the total outstanding principal balance of the loans and credit cards in their household.

Direct Deposit
In order to get the direct deposit point, do I have to set up a direct deposit into a checking account?
No. The point for direct deposit (max.: 1 per household) can be earned by setting up a direct deposit of a minimum of $500 into a savings, checking or money market account.

Desert Financial Insurance Services
What insurance products do members earn points for in Relationship Rewards?
Members earn a point for having at least one active personal policy or individual health insurance plan with Desert Financial. This includes:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Health, Dental or Vision Insurance
  • Homeowners/Renters Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Medicare Insurance
  • Business Insurance (personal members)
  • Personal Insurance


Restrictions apply. See Statements of Terms, Conditions and Disclosures for details.