Member giveback bonus


The Member Giveback bonus is a cash-back reward for those members who do the most with us. It’s just one of the ways that we are Sharing Success with our community; with our team; and with you, our valued members. This year, we are thrilled to be giving away a total of $5 million!

Does everyone receive the same bonus amount?

No — your bonus amount is based on your relationship with us. To show you how this works, below are a few examples of members who received a Member Giveback Bonus in 2018 (names have been changed). The financial solutions that they use and their bonus amounts are:

Jim G.
$50K deposit balance
25+ checking transactions monthly

Received a

Jane S.
Home equity loan
Auto loan

Received a

Jeff P.
Home equity loan
Mortgage loan

Received a


How do I qualify for a bonus?

To be eligible for the Member Giveback Bonus, you must be at the Achieve or Prosper level of Relationship Rewards for a minimum of six months in the previous year.

How do I increase my bonus?

To increase the amount of cash you get back, do more of your banking with Desert Financial. For example:

  • Use your Desert Financial debit card more frequently
  • Apply for loans from or bring existing loans to Desert Financial
  • Bring all your bank accounts over to Desert Financial

How will I receive my bonus?

Member Giveback Bonuses are deposited into membership savings accounts in January or February of each year. In 2018, members will receive their bonuses on February 1st.